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New Release: Clothed Females

Reality Lovers has a new release, and is something some of their fans have been waiting for very long: their first #cfnm.

For the ones that are not familiar with the term, #cfnm means “clothed female naked male” and it basically means that the girls keep their clothes on during all the action. A real fantasy for a lot of men!

Liv Revamped and Miranda Miller are Clothed Females who enjoy sex more than anything in the world. Nevertheless, there is something special they both have in common – they prefer to keep at least some of the clothes on during the action. Immediately, they swoop down on you, almost tripping over each other about who is going to be the first one to go down on you. Things get really hot fast and you almost have a hard time keeping up with the crazy wild discharge of lust and sexual energy.

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